Monday, August 29, 2005


Hello to all! Sorry for the long delay in updating. I`ve been observing classes all week and settling into the new apartment. I`ll have some pictures of that place soon, when it doesn`t look like a bomb went off inside it (a bomb filled with tacky decorations). In the meantime, here`s some pictures from a jaunt to Kobe! This was about two weeks ago, when Jeff and I were still enjoying unemployed bliss. It rained all morning, so when we arrived, we made our way to a shrine near the train station. It was a really cool one: huge curved roofs, paper decorations and enormous gates. There was a naming ceremony going on at the time, kind of like a Buddhist baptism. That huge rope in front of the interior of the temple is attached to a giant bell, shaped like a bell you`d put on a cats collar. Here`s a shot of the prayer cards outside. You write a prayer on the back and hang it at the temple site. It looks like a lot of people are praying for cars. There were also some sweet looking lanterns. After the shrine, we took a cable car up the top of the mountain. Here`s a cool shot of the city. Can you believe this whole place was leveled by an earthquake less than ten years ago? Amazing. At the top of the mountain was a botanical garden park. It was really nice to walk around the plants (though they were mostly European). What a nice time! Thanks for all the comments, guys! It`s great to know people are actually checking the site. I love and miss you all!


Blogger Kathy Bender said...

So happy to see the update! Loved the pictures of the the temple and all but particularly loved the two cuties with the sunflowers :-)You guys look so happy! Can't wait to see the apt. pix - can't imagine you have any tacky stuff!Love and hugs to you both!

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Auntie Shirley said...

Hi you two. I get all warm inside when I read your captions and see your pictures. Very funny about praying for cars. That temple was very cool. You do look great. I miss you. XXOO

4:56 AM  

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